Alejandro - Oval


Old model of Afghan ring in Alpaca and Black Onyx or Cornelian.


Tax included Entrega: 1 a 3 semanas

Alpaca ring with flat natural stone, black Onyx or Cornelian caramel. Afghan goldsmiths, with tradition since the 12th century, are recovered today by artisans who maintain their old models and reinterpret them. Afghanistan, because of its geographical location was always a great crossroads of Empires, commercial routes and different cultures.

These unisex rings are reproductions of ancient Greek models, with an actual stone engraving.

They are made in an artisanal foundry as well as the hand carving. 

This type of workpieces personalize your style and are timeless. 

A different ring similar to ancient Greek rings, the time of Alexander the Great, in which cultures and different civilizations were a big melting pot of influences.

Material: Alpaca

Approx. Stone diameter: 14 x 10 mm

Natural Stone


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