Necklace in Tourmaline, Amazonite or Labradorite, with ethnically inspired Gold-Plated Silver Workpieces.


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Necklace of soft colours with pieces of Gold-Plated Silver made by hand. 

Exclusive design of our collection.

The Tourmaline, comes in a great variety of beautiful and intense colours, it is considered to have the capacity to change the energy to positive, to favour self-confidence and joy.

For this design we have chosen Pink.

The Amazonite is a soft Green Turquoise, with deposits in Brazil, where its name comes from. Also of African origen. Intuition, relaxation, and mental clarity among their properties.

Labradorite. Beautiful stone with blue changing reflections. It is believed to propitiate creativity, love, increasing the joy of living and wards off fears.

You will quickly adapt this delicate and exclusive natural stone necklace, with small pieces of gold, that will give you a personal style.

The Jewels express your personality and identify you.  

Material: Gold-Plated Silver

Long necklace: 42 cm + 3cm extension

Natural Stones


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