Ethnic Vintage Silver Pendant with thin stone necklace.
Necklace length available, S (40 cm), M (45 cm), L (50 cm).
Choose your size.

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Vintage silver pendants, used as a protective amulet by the nomadic tribes of the desert areas of India.
These authentic and old vintage medals of about 1900 and minted in Silver, they are all unique and different pieces.
Vintage Silver pendant in high silver graduation, each piece is unique. 
For this reason, unless you specify it, we will send you a carefully chosen one.
All old, those handmade pendant in Silver, exist in traditional Round or Temple shapes.
They have the patina of time and represent different gods:
Hanuman, Kansari, 7 Sisters, Vishnu Feet or Princess Feet, Durga, Rambded, always with a positive and spiritual symbolism.
Used as protective amulets, they are not altered by water and allow for daily use.
You can choose this ethnic pendant with a thin Turquoise, Garnet or Coral necklace.
Ideal as a gift, these small silver pendants will have a special meaning.You won't regret choosing this little vintage and original pendant, with a little story to tell.
Material: Silver High Graduation
Vintage year “approx. 1900”.
Approx. Size: 13 mm
Stone necklace. Length: 35-40-45 cm. (Choose your size) S - M - L.


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