Vintage Ethnic Silver Pendant with thin Turquoise, Garnet or Coral necklace.
Choose your size.
Necklace Length: S (40 cm); M (45 cm); L (50 cm).

Tax included Entrega: 1 a 3 semanas

Ethnic Tribal Pendant in Silver originating from the nomadic tribes in desert areas of India.
They are old protection medals from the beginning of the last century (1900) made by hand in high Silver.
These vintage ethnic pendants are unique pieces, representing Gods and legends: The feet of the Princess or Vishnu; The 7 Sisters, a legend; Durga; Hanuman ...
We will choose a piece for you, unless you specify a specific design.
You can choose the fine Turquoise, Garnet or Coral necklace, of which we have 3 measures.
They are Tribal Amulet Pendants, which you can always wear, they are made in Silver, they do not alter with water and daily use.
In Our Ibiza Store Collection you can also find these vintage ethnic pendants with a leather cord (black or brown), or with the Traditional Indian Red cotton cord.
In your selection you choose a special piece with a spiritual symbolism, whose origin comes from ancient cultures.
Material: High Grade Silver
Vintage piece Year approx. 1900
Measure approx .: 12 mm
Includes Natural Stone necklace.
Length: 35 - 40 - 45 cm. (choose your size) S - M - L.

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