The Jewels talk about you, they go with you and identify you.

We design handmade jewels, beautifully imperfect and one of a kind.

With an extensive training background in Fine Arts and Art History, IBIZA STORE is born from the study of jewelry evolution in the different civilizations, its ancient techniques, and the experience in jewelry craft workshops.

Colección de nuestro Taller años ´80

Since the beginnings in Punta del Este back in the 70’s, and later on in our workshop in Ibiza, we have designed and elaborated jewels in silver. We also work on bronze, iron and enamels on fire. It has been a prolonged and meticulous learning. We have always experimented our own techniques and free use of materials, patina and textures. We then exposed our designs and small collections in markets and handcraft fairs. Thus, the origin of Ibiza Store is the handcraft market at Ibiza port - the oldest in the island – since the 80’s until today.

The use of unconventional techniques gives rise to original results and a fully creative freedom.

Since 1995, our jewels are made in small workshops in Kathmandu and Rajasthan, places rich in natural stones and goldsmith tradition. Our experience in handcraft jewelry workshops helps us to appreciate in full the work of our goldsmiths. We remain faithful to them with a family relationship of trust and respect.

We guide them and participate in the whole process of manufacturing and finishing pieces. Extensive stays and teamwork it ́s our distinctive signature. The result is a unique and timeless design that becomes year after year part of a new singular collection.

Ibiza Store proposes a free mix of different styles, materials, natural stones and textures.

The island of Ibiza is a melting pot of cultures. As such, it has always welcome a large influx of artists and travelers attracted by its light, color and lifestyle. Writers, musicians, craftsmen, painters have found their creative refuge in this island.

During our many trips over the years visiting India, Tibet, Nepal and Southeast Asia, we have discovered the incredible variety and richness of handcraft tradition in regions with deep spiritual roots. Our continuous search for ancient and original pieces in small villages, desert areas through direct contact with their people define a collection that mixes together treasures from different cultures and our own designs. You will find ancient silver pendants of tribal origin, reproductions adapted from ancient Afghan and Tibetan rings. Pieces that will make you dream and travel, small jewels with a deep and mystical sense to which you will give your own meaning.


Ibiza Store Barcelona

Apart from our stand in the handcraft market at the port of Ibiza, you can also discover an endless variety of designs in our shop in the heart of the Gothic quarter, next to the Cathedral, in Barcelona. On our online shop, we have selected a collection in which you will always find new pieces to adapt to your different looks. Our proposals are constantly evolving with new and current designs each season.

Ibiza Store is inspired in ethnic, baroque, tribal art. It is also the result of our continuous search for unique pieces, our endless curiosity and our trips. To keep in touch constantly with our loyal clients gives us the most, either in Barcelona or Ibiza every summer.

Puerto de Ibiza

Puerto de Ibiza