Usually the jewels, whatever their material, are delicate and we should treat them carefully.

Our pieces are made in a handcrafted way with various materials that require a certain type of cleaning:

The Silver is cleaned with a soft cloth or chamois. It should be taken into account that the color of this metal can be altered with the PH of the skin or the use of some cosmetic product, make-up, oils, etc.

Gold-plated parts are also cleaned simply with a soft cloth, it is not advisable to use any clean metal product and avoid contact with water.

Both Silver and brass are generally kept bright with everyday use, you can polish them with a soft cloth or special chamois for Silver.

If the piece has natural stone or Marcasites, it avoids contact with chemicals such as perfumes, alcohol, detergents, etc.

The sun exposure also affects the color of the stones, as well as avoiding situations in which the stones or Marcasites receive blows. For example domestic chores.

Remember that your jewels are delicate, store in an individual protective pouch to avoid damage and protect it from direct light and humidity.