Silver Ring 925 decorated with a Greek design embedded with Marcasites. 


Tax included Entrega: 1 a 3 semanas

Vintage design ring, with a Greek design, characteristic decoration the 1900s. Fully coated with Marcasites, which give it a great shine. With a classic line, flat and comfortable, it will adapt to you and you can use it on any occasion. 

The Marcasites are tiny conical and shiny pieces of a carved mineral: Pyrite.

Its multiple facets give a lot of shine and light to the pieces. These are present in the history of jewellery, they were already used by the Incas in Peru, for their properties. Pyrite is believed to bring prosperity and protection to those who use it. Marie-Antoinette wore them in her jewels because she believed they preserved her beauty. They were also used as substitutes for diamonds because of their brightness, when they were used only by royalty.

Very fashionable in the year 1900 with models Victorian style, hence their designs are vintage.

Its use today, adapts for daytime or evening wear, its varied delicate or sophisticated designs will give you sparkle and adapt to your personal style.

Material: Silver 925



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