Mala. Tibetan Rosary for prayer, consisting of spherical beads with Turquoise and Coral inlays.


Tax included Entrega: 1 a 3 semanas

Mala or Japa-Mala (Japa: Mantra, Mala: Wreath of flowers), it is a kind of necklace of 108 beads, threaded with separations, used to recite mantras.

Mantras are sonorous prayers, which by repetition aloud can help us in the concentration and calmness of our mind. 

Companion of the Buddhist practitioners, who carry it in the hand, on the wrist or as necklace.

Made in different materials: sandalwood, seeds, alternating stone beads of colour.

This Mala special, Tibetan, in natural or black tones, consists of handmade beads with Coral and Turquoise inlays.

Some are divided into four parts, which makes it easier to repeat Mantras. A larger central bead, with coloured threads, called Guru, marks the beginning and end of the Mala.

This Mala is a Tibetan piece of millennial and spiritual origin, with beautiful craftsmanship on each bead.


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