Silver open bracelet with spheres at the ends.


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Open Silver bracelet, inspired by the ancient Celtic necklaces, called Torques. Originating in the Bronze Age, from the year 1,000 BC. Considered typical Celtic necklaces, they were also used by Gauls and Bretons.

Torques are a round, open, horseshoe-shaped necklace. The spheres at each end are carved animal heads. 

Fashionable in the 60s and 70s in the Hippie movement, as in necklaces and also bracelets.

This bracelet is timeless, handmade, polished Silver 925.

It is an open model, strong for everyday use.

Made in sizes, small and large, for boy or girl.


Remember to give us your size in centimeters.

Material: Silver 925 

Tube diameter approx.: 5.8 mm

Approx. Diameter of spheres: 10 mm

Size: L - XL


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