Lotus flower ring in Brass, patinated in dark.


Tax included Entrega: 1 a 3 semanas

Brass ring with Lotus Flower detail.

Also called Sacred Lotus or Nile Rose, its beauty has been a symbol throughout the centuries in different cultures.

The jewel in the lotus, literal translation of the Tibetan Mantra Om Mani Padme Hum.

A flower that grows in the murky and stagnant waters, which springs from the mud, disappears in the water at night and at dawn emerges and opens to the light.

Thus, this flower that grows between the air and the water, embodies the purity of heart, of mind, and capacity of rebirth.

Also symbolizes longevity, health and good luck, a lotus flower is engraved on the centerpiece of this old model ring.

It reminds us of our ability to overcome, whatever the conditions, and to achieve our goals.

Material: Polished Brass


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